When you buy a packet of seeds it is often impossible to tell whether they are hybrids or non-hybrids.
Hybrids have often gone through a slightly artificial, “closed pollination” breeding process (ie something that is unlikely to happen in nature, but not totally out of the question).

If you save the seeds from a plant that is a hybrid and plant them, the plant may or may not fruit and the fruit will not be the same as the fruit of the parent plant. If you want to get the same fruit again you have to buy the seeds that you bought the previous year.

With the non-hybrid varieties you can save the seeds every year and plant them the next year. In fact you can choose to save the seed of the biggest and best fruit to improve your chances of getting a high quality seed and a good plant the following year.

This is actually the way that the old traditional varieties that are available from Growing Vitality have been developed over time, creating many varieties for the home gardener.

We believe they are more nutritious, better tasting, hardier and easier to grow for the home gardener than the more modern hybrid varieties.

All the seeds available from Growing Vitality are non-hybrids and most are certified organic.

If there are unusual or rare seeds you would like to purchase that are not in our seed catalogue-please enquire. Chances are we can source them for you.