The veggies you see above have all been grown using Munash Rockdust!

Munash Rockdust is made from various types of rock- carefully selected varieties of basalt and granite which are then ground to a fine powder. The “recipe” has taken many years to perfect and the product is now patented. Some describe it as ‘magical’ but the logic behind this ancient fertiliser is quite simple.  It returns to the soil exactly what has been taken out through volatile weather, pesticide use and  artificial fertilisation. This process is called ‘soil remineralisation’.

Microbes in the soil draw the minerals from Munash Rockdust and carry  micronutrients to the feeder roots of the plant.  Small particles of Rockdust are readily available to the plant for uptake through the microbes and the larger particles act as a slow release fertiliser.  Munash Rockdust balances the mineral levels in the soil unlocking them and making them all available to the plant naturally.  Increased mineral uptake helps raise sugar levels, improves plant vigour, increased yields and enhances natural disease resistant capabilities of plants.

Munash Rockdust has been scientifically proven to work in all types of soils. It is amphoteric which means it is a compound which contains both acidic and basic functional groups, therefore Rockdust is capable of reacting chemically either as an acid or a base making it suitable in saline, acid, neutral or alkaline soils.

Munash Rockdust is a concentrated product, which means lower application rates and lower costs.  Around one handful per square metre is all you need!



Munash Renew is Munash Rockdust’s trusty sidekick.

Munash Renew has similar characteristics to Munash Rockdust in that it also has a rich balanced source of essential minerals and trace elements.  However Renew works to enhance and feed the plant directly whilst Munash Rockdust works more on balancing the soil to provide the plants feeder roots with an abundance of minerals and nutrients.  Munash Rockdust and Munash Renew work in balance together which they enhance each other creating healthier soil and livelier gardens.

Munash Renew stimulates balance and above ground growing. It supports activity, which means the soil is able to degrade more plant residues, quickly, releasing nutrients and improving soil organic matter.


  • Is an optimum source of food for plants
  • Protects plants from disease and bacterial fungus
  • Healthier plants are better able to utilise the minerals from Munash Rockdust and the soil
  • Plants are less dehydrated
  • Improves the quality, structure and vigour of plants
Rockdust and Renew are both 100% natural and safe around children and pets.
2kg bags……………….$15.95
8kg pails………………$24.95
10kg bags……………..$29.95
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